Estelle D

Decreases the lubricating cell
Drains lymphatic and venous circulations
Smoothes the skin

Estelle D

Based on a well balanced mix of natural active products, the Estelle D is the anti-cellulite, firming and moisturizing cream by excellence.

  • Active anti-cellulite products as caffeine are involved in the destruction of the fat cells.
  • Venous and lymphatic tonics boost the blood circulation and therefore reduce any edema.
  • Moisturizers smooth the skin which is firmed-up and rehydrated by fruits oils.

An immediate effect on skin quality and well-being that is visible from the first use, and improvement of the cellulite in a few days.

Instructions for use

Circulatory and moisturizing anti-cellulite cream.
Treatment: 1 month at least, to be renewed.
Application: Apply Estelle D morning and/or evening in tonifying massage on the cellulitic areas, and by gentle massage for the skin hydration only. For a circulatory effect, by gentle massage from the foot to the thigh.

In addition to medical care cellulitis treatments such as mesotherapy & lipoaspiration: in addition to the simple daily use, apply in thick layers on the treated areas, and wait from 20 to 30 mn, 1 to 2 times per day.

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Estelle D